RUS MidAtlantic 2018 Racing Series Q&A 

  1. What is the RUS MidAtlantic 2018 Racing Series?  The RUS MidAtlantic Trotting Series is a late closing series which will have preliminary legs at Ocean Downs, Rosecroft, and Shenandoah Downs with a final at the Meadowlands.  
  2. What kind of purse money are we looking at?  As purse funds come from donations, we are unable to confirm purse amount.  For the Trotting Series we hope to have preliminary legs with an estimated purse of $5,000 divided and final going for an estimated $5,000.  In the preliminary legs, horse which finish worst than fifth may earn $200 for finishing with the balance of the purse divided in the normal distribution method.  There will be no payout for finishing worse than fifth in the final.  Again, these are estimated purses.  Purses may be higher or lower depending on fundraising.  
  3. Nomination Fees, what nomination fees?  There will be no nominations to these races.
  4. What do you mean fundraising for purse funds?  Since RUS is not a wagering event, purse money is not available for RUS purses therefore we must raise the purse funds on our own.  This requires the help of all to get to our goal.  Contact RUS MidAtlantic President Stephanie Jacobs for more information on helping to raise funds. 
  5. Are there qualifying times standards?  For the trotting series, the qualifying standards will be 2:08 (half mile), 2:06 (five-eighths), 2:04 (7/8 mile or larger).  The qualifying time will be earned under saddle and in a charted race without any breaks.  Allowances will be given for weather and track conditions.  Qualifying times must be within 90 days of the first start in the series.  
  6. Where can I qualify?  Horses may qualify at their local track.  Gaitway Farms holds qualifiers during the month of June.  A qualifier is likely to be scheduled at Ocean Downs prior to the July 15 race.  Any expense for qualifiers will be divided between starters in the qualifier(s).  
  7. Will an official workout be accepted for establishing qualifying time?  Ideally, the qualifying time will be established in a race or qualifier but if a horse is unable to get a qualifying race, an official workout will be accepted.  
  8. I'm interested in becoming a rider.  What are the requirements?   Rule 17.15-17.20 covers this but basically, one needs to apply for a USTA Rider license and must take written and practical exam and then must go two schooling or workout miles successfully in 2:15 or better before obtaining their license.  A rider must wear specific items when racing.  Rule 17.20 covers this.
  9. How much weight must a rider carry?  Including their equipment, a rider must weigh in/out at least 140 lbs.  Many riders add lead to their saddle to meet the weight requirements.  See rule 18.28 for the equipment a rider must include in reaching the weight requirement.
  10. I have more questions.  Consult the USTA Rule book, in particular rules 17-19.  Otherwise, you may email your questions here.