RUS MidAtlantic, Website Launched


RUS MidAtlantic, Inc. is pleased to announce its formal incorporation and the establishment of their own website,   RUS Mid-Atlantic is a non-profit organization which represents riders, standardbred trainers and owners, as well as fans who seek to further the visibility and growth of under saddle racing in the geographical footprint which consists of the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia..

RUS MidAtlantic is a proud member of RUS America, the national umbrella association of regional and state RUS organizations. Through this association, coordination of events and items of common interests can be promoted on a national level.

At present, plans are underway to host a racing series this year at various raceways and fairs within the region.  While being presented under the RUS MidAtlantic banner, the races will be open to all standardbred trotters and USTA-licensed riders within North America.

As a trade organization of RUS participants, RUS MidAtlantic is seeking from the IRS a determination of qualification as a 501(c)6 organization.  We will announce when this status is conveyed. 

RUS America is also proud to announce the launch of our website.  Visitors to the website have the ability to keep up to date with all things RUS within our geographical footprint as well as learning more about racing under saddle.  Interested individuals may also become members of RUS MidAtlantic (no membership dues at present).  As time progresses, additional features may be added to the website so you are encouraged to visit often.

As a service, RUS MidAtlantic is launching an exchange of trainers seeking riders to train and possibly race their horses under saddle as well as riders seeking horses.  If interested, trainers and riders are welcome to read our Spring, 2017 edition of View Above for information on how to register.