Who is RUS MidAtlantic?

RUS MidAtlantic, Inc., is a 501(c)6 advocacy organization whose mission is to promote racing under saddle (RUS) for trotting standardbred in the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia by presenting RUS races and exhibitions to grow interest and demand for additional races under saddle.  RUS MidAtlantic also seeks to encourage the participation of new and current members of the standardbred community in under saddle racing.

One of RUS MidAtlantic's goals is to strengthen harness racing by increasing the fan and ownership base of the standardbred sport.   RUS is a great opportunity to show off the versatility of the standardbred, trotting under saddle.  RUS MidAtlantic foresees a time when RUS provides standardbreds an alternative method to compete and complements traditional harness racing, not supplant it. 

Our longer term goal of seeking wagering on RUS races at the regions's parimutuel raceways will generate interest in fans from all breeds of racing, thus strengthening the standardbred industry.